Anti-oestrogens inhibit colorectal tumourigenesis

New research (see it here) has shown that the anti-oestrogens raloxifene and gonadorelin block the formation of colorectal tumours in female mice genetically pre-disposed (so called ApcMin/+ mice) to develop colorectal cancer. Anti-oestrogens inhibited tumour formation by a massive 80% (raloxifene) and 75% (gonadorelin), and also inhibited colorectal cancer growth. Furthermore, results demonstrated that anti-oestrogen treatment also reduced the number of colon polyps (known to be precursors of colorectal cancer development). Intriguingly, anti-oestrogens also reduced local inflammation, a known pathway to colorectal cancer maturation.

These data support the growing evidence that oestrogens can exacerbate the formation of colorectal cancer, and that targeting oestrogen activation or signalling may provide a new therpy for patients with colorectal malignancies.

#colorectalcancer #oestrogen

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